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If you are in the market for quality, gently-used furniture pieces at reasonable prices, Home Ingredients may have what you’re looking for.

Our rental furniture is primarily used for creating appealing rooms in houses for sale. Due to this, most of our used pieces have seen very little actual use. However, as time passes, there comes a point when they need to be let go.  We have many beautiful, gently-used pieces in a wide variety of styles which may be exactly what you are looking for.  Visit our warehouse at 65 W 7th Ave, Vancouver or give us a call at 604.876.9959.  We accept Cash or Credit Card.

If renting is your preference, we carry a wide range of furniture and accessories, which can make perfect accents to your home whether you are staging, relocating or just because.  Click on our Furniture Rentals in our services section to see more.

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